Slowimages contains a growing collection panoramic photographs taken with a 6x12cm pinhole camera. A pinhole camera contains no lens but only a tiny hole of 0.25 mm. The light passes through this small hole on film or light sensitive paper. After the development process the negatives are scanned at a high resolution, digitally retouched and edited. The recordings show a natural optical perspective and a reality as we perceive with our naked eye. With an extreme wide angle, relatively sharp in the center and more diffuse on the edges.

Framed Photographic Print


Framed pictures are for sale from $ 150,- without shipping. (PayPal)

In a M200 wooden frame on acid-free cardboard and passé partout. The frames are tailor made 25x40cm. The print is 30x15cm on Hahnemühle - FB Baryta 350 gsm gloss · high-gloss photo paper.

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Zero 612B - 6x12cm; 120 rollfilm camera
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